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He lied to me
Each fabricated story
Pours out of his mouth
Like quick silver
While his hands hold mine
Trying to emphasize how genuine he is
But I know the truth
I know what was really said
What was really done

He lied to me
And every false word
Fires out of a gun
And strikes me in the chest
He doesn’t blink
His cold blue eyes
His small shriveling heart
Doesn’t skip a beat
He thinks he has everyone fooled
But smoke and mirror tricks
Don’t work on me

He lied to me
Each dead promise
Tattoos itself in my mind
Every prick of its inked needle
Is a reminder of why he can’t be trusted
And its creation will stay
Forever imprinted on my brain

He lied to me
And now I can’t trust
Those who try so hard
To get close
While they say they’re here forever
I can’t help but feel
That just like him
They’ll lie to me
And disappear into the air



Posted: November 9, 2010 in Short stories

[Heather is sitting in a hotel room with her friend, Kat. Heather just read a text message from her sister, about how she was just dumped. Heather is furious and is pacing back and forth, ranting to Kat.]

“He said what?! Are you kidding me?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Who does he think he is? How can he think this is ok? That is no way to treat a friend! I can’t believe he doesn’t have the balls to break up with her in person! Ugh! [Heather throws her hands into the air.] I should yell at him. I should call his house phone and demand to speak with him. Then I’ll let him have it. Oh, I will lose it. He won’t even know what hit him. I mean… Seriously?! You can’t break up with your girlfriend by having someone else tell her it’s over. And to make it worse, it was over text! It just doesn’t work that way. It just doesn’t. Seriously? Be a man and tell the girl yourself that you want to break up. Even if you can’t tell her face to face, at least call her. What is he so scared of anyway? He knows her. He knows she won’t be mad. She, of all people, would understand. Maybe he’s scared of me… Maybe he thought I’d be mad. Well, I guess that sucks for him because now, I’m really mad and when we get home, I’m kicking his butt!” [Heather flops down on her bed and sighs.]


Posted: November 9, 2010 in Short stories

With tears in my eyes, I shut and lock my bedroom door. My world is literally ending. There is no way I can go on without my friends. They are my life. They keep me standing. Without them, I’m broken. I can’t handle life’s day to day struggles knowing that I don’t have a shoulder to cry on.I slam my fist against the wall and sob. “How could you do this to me?!” I scream into the air, subconsciously thankful that my house was empty. “You’re supposed to be my best friend!” I fall to my knees and the world feels like it’s closing in on me. My vision starts to go black. All I can picture is where I was just several hours ago…
    “I know I’ve made some bad choices lately, but I want to fix it. You guys are my best friends.” Katie’s face seemed so sincere. She looked as if she really regretted everything that she had done to hurt us.
    “You’re going to have to prove it,” Sam said.
    “I understand that,” Katie replied. “Just give me one more chance. I swear I’ll make it better.”
    “I hope so,” I chimed in. “You guys are my everything and, to be completely honest, I don’t think I’d be here if I didn’t have you. I honestly think I would kill myself if I lost you. You’re all that holds me up.”
    “I know Heather. And I love you so much,” Katie smiled. “I promise, it will be different this time…”
    Only two hours after that talk did the proof that things would never change come in the form of a phone call.
    “You lied!” I scream. “You told me things would change! You told me you would fix things! You promised…” I stare at the ceiling fan as it spins around and around and around. The tears on my face slowly start to dry. I pull myself to my feet and shakily walk to my bed.
    “You still have Michelle, Debbie, and Sam,” I tell myself. “You don’t need Katie. You need real friends. Debbie, Sam, and Michelle would never do this to you. You haven’t lost everything. Open your eyes. Look at what you still have. You have three best friends who will never let you down.”
    All dark thoughts creep out of my mind, run out by the positive truth that is starting to sink in. And I smile. I still have someone to go to. There is still someone to hold me up.  can’t do it by myself, but I know I don’t have to.”


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“I will protect you from all around you, I will be here, don’t you cry.”~ Phil Collins

Dear Jonah,
When was the last time I told you I miss you? You might think it was yesterday, on the phone. But really, it was last night, before I went to sleep. I looked up at the stars and asked them to make sure that you knew just how much I miss you. It pains me to know that when I wake up in the morning, I won’t see your happy, laughing face smiling at me. It always seemed as if the only reason the sun would rise in the morning was to see you spread your happiness to, not only everyone in the house, but the world.  I’ve gotten so used to that. Now that it’s gone, those nine years feel like only yesterday. All those days that I spent at home, taking care of you and Brett and Gary just seem like nothing. I feel like we haven’t spent enough time together. I want so badly to pull you onto my lap, hug you close to me, and call you my baby.  I want to tickle you, letting your laughter ring out for everyone to hear, and then cuddle up and watch the next installment in the Total Drama series. I miss you. Next time I come home, I want to spend all day with you. I don’t want your life to pass me by.

Colorful~ A Dramatic Monologue

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Short stories

“Life is a work of art, You gotta paint it colorful.” ~Lindsay Lohan

[Heather is sitting in a classroom at her desk. She is turned around, speaking to the student who is sitting behind her. She is wearing a dress of many colors that is designed in a hippie fashion.] “So you think I’m strange? Eccentric? Crazy? I’ve got one. Colorful. I like to think of myself as colorful. I like to be bright. I don’t care if I am the center of everyone’s attention because I don’t care what people think about me. I will walk down the hallways in bright orange converses. When people tell me that they like my shoes, I’ll thank them, even if I know they were being sarcastic. Orange is my favorite color. I will flaunt it proudly. So what if I came into school with a lightening bolt painted over my eye in liquid eyeliner? It was symbolic and representative to Lady Gaga. She’s influential. I love her for her music and the causes she stands for. I’m not afraid to show the world that I am a little monster. Who cares if I show up in class in my hippie Halloween costume? Every color of the rainbow swirls around me and grabs everybody’s eyes.  I give you headaches? Really? My outfit gives you headaches? Well, wanna know what gives me headaches? Your lack of originality. Your lack of will to take a risk to be different, to stand out. So say what you want. See if I care. Tomorrow, I’m coming to school covered in rhinestones, sequins, and glitter.”

Ready, Set, GO!

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The glossy, wine colored rose shimmered when the light hit exactly the right spot. It was so glorious, it was almost looked as if it didn’t belong against the old, worn leather. Gingerly, she lifted the cover to reveal the first crisp, beige paper. It appeared so perfect, she was almost afraid to deface it with her thoughts. She was almost willing to never touch a pen to it. But the moment the ink made a mark, she felt a rush she’ll never be able to explain. And she wrote with such passion. She wrote so fervently. Wrote so stunningly beautiful.

Already over

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Blood gone icy
Heart pounding
The truth surrounds me
Screeching and pleading
“Let me out!”
I smother Truth’s cries
They won’t do any good
I shake in my seat
In trepidition

His eyes piercing me
He reads the lies
So cleverly fabricated
To convict our fearless leader
To save the true offender
I want to stand up
I want to speak out

But should I really risk myself
When the man in question
Is damned from every direction
This injustice threatens me
And pushes heroism
Out of my mind

I reach out for a pen
But it might as well
Have been a knife
I sign my name
But I might as well
Have stabbed him through
The heart