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Chapter 4

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Search Party
They had been in total darkness for hours. The only sounds they could hear were muffled voices, speaking so quietly they were incoherent, and their own breathing. They were crammed together in a space so small, they had to curl themselves into a tight, fetal position to fit properly.
From the way she was breathing, Dawn guessed that Jules was asleep. How Jules could possibly sleep in such a small and cramped area was beyond Dawn. Dawn sighed and her heart began to ache for her people. Had they seen the whole ordeal while the post-fight party was supposed to be broadcasting? If not, were they beginning to worry and wonder where she was and if she was alright? Her thoughts drifted to Laura Garbovsky. She was such a talented and sweet girl. A truly excellent fighter, but could be very unstable at times. Of course, if Dawn was with her, she would be ok. She also seemed to have a lot of faith and trust in another skilled fighter, Sean Risley.
Suddenly, Dawn heard Jules stirring and moaning in her sleep.
She’s waking up! Dawn thought happily. Maybe now we can talk and help each other feel a little better.
“Anthony,” Jules whispered.
Anthony? Dawn thought. Could she possibly mean Anthony Cerino who Kendryck had fought? Dawn stared at Jules, completely puzzled.
“Dawn?” Jules called softly. “Dawn are you still here?”
“Yes Jules, I’m here,” Dawn replied. “I’m right here.”
Jules sighed, relieved that she had not been left alone. “Have they said anything? Do you know if they are going to let us out?”
“No, I don’t know. I’m sorry.”
“Please, don’t be. It isn’t your fault.”
Just then, there was a loud banging sound.
“You girls can hear me right?” said a voice outside of the princesses’ enclosure. “Listen to me. We are going to open this thing up and you’re going to come out one at a time. Don’t bother trying to pull any tricks. This placed is completely surrounded and some of us are armed. Ready?”
There was the sound of a metal handle turning and a wall to the girls’ left opened. Light streamed into the space that the girls had been confined to. They shielded their eyes and suppressed their groans. After their eyes got used to the brightness, they saw a tall man with blonde hair looking at them.
“My name is Mathew,” he said. He held out a hand and Jules took it timidly. Very gently, Mathew slid Jules out of the enclosure and lowered her to the ground. “Monehy, will you take her please?”
A girl with curly, brown hair, pulled back into a bin stepped forward. She smiled at Jules then grabbed her arm and walked away with her.
Mathew watched them until they were out of sight, then turned back to Dawn. However, when he offered his hand this time, Dawn thought she saw something different in his eyes.
Silently urging herself to stay calm, Dawn grasped his hand and allowed him to bring her out. She stood next to Mathew and he held both her hands tightly.
“Ah…Dawn Herbert, princess of the Wiona Kingdom. You look lovely.”
Dawn found this hard to believe. She was sleep deprived, her make-up had to be running, and her normally glossy brown hair was sticking up in every possible direction. Yet, she said nothing.
“I’ve waited so long for this. To finally…touch you. Oh, you have no idea what I’ve gone through to get here.”
Dawn’s brown eyes widened. She was certain she never met or even seen Mathew before, but he spoke as if he’s known her for so long.
“Oh, my sweet Princess. You will be well in my care, there is no doubt. Of course, if you have any problems, I’ll take care of them immediately.” Mathew placed a hand on Dawn’s cheek. “You must go to your room now, but I will see you soon.”
Then, to Dawn’s surprise, and complete displeasure, Mathew kissed Dawn’s lips hard a forceful. When he broke from her, he smiled and said, “Oh yes. This has been worth waiting for. Cythia, please come and take Dawn to her room.”
Cythia pushed her light brown hair out of her eyes then led Dawn off in thee same direction Jules had gone with Monehy.

Chapter 3

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Search Party
Justin glided through the skies in the direction of the arena where the princesses had been kidnapped. He honestly had no clue what he was going to say when he got there. There was a very slim chance that Anthony Cerino and Kendryck Streh would pay any attention to him. But he had to try. It was his job.

For a moment after the jet took off, everybody was completely silent. Then, as if the realization of what had happened just sank in, everybody began to scream. It was absolute madness. People ran out of the stands and left the arena. Anthony and Kendryck were left still standing on the battle stage, staring at the place the jet had stood.

Laura and Sean didn’t stop for anything. Sean tried to figure out a plan while they ran. He knew he was getting Laura and himself into a lot of trouble by running instead of waiting to receive orders, but he had to do it. He couldn’t risk Laura getting sent out to fight and him staying at the castle. He HAD to be there fighting next to her if she was to fight. But they didn’t understand. They never did.
“Sean, am I going to have to fight?”
Sean stopped running. “Laura, if you don’t want to fight, then you don’t have to. But if you feel like you should, then I’m right here. I’ll make sure you’re ok.”
“I’m so scared.”
Sean wiped a tear that was forming away with his thumb. “I know,” he said soothingly. “But I’m here. I promise you’ll be fine.”

Prince Brock Lawrence put on the black cape that had the sign of his kingdom, two clashing swords, sewn on it. Then, he placed the sword that had been past down to him after five generations into its holder. He ran his fingers through his long, blonde hair. He was ready.

Justin was now hovering over the stadium. There was nobody there except Anthony and Kendryck, who seemed deep on conversation. At first, Justin felt relieved that he happened upon them alone. Nobody would be watching him. No whispers and murmurs. Then, he felt a sudden rush of fear and the need to go home and pretend he had no idea what was going on. He knew, however, that this was impossible. He had sworn an oath to Mother Janel that he would do everything he could help when the world was in trouble. He owed it to her. He owed it to them. The people who died. His people. Tears welled in Justin’s eyes at the memory and he began to decend to Anthony and Kendryck.

“We have to find them,” Anthony said to Kendryck.
Kendryck nodded. “How though? We can’t fly and they’re probably very far away by now.”
“That’s the problem,” Anthony said, sounding defeated.
“Excuse me, maybe I can help you.”
Kendryck and Anthony turned around.

Brock left his prep room and walked down the hall with his butler, Benjamin. No sound could be heard except for their shoes’ loud thumps on the hard wood floor, echoing through the hall. The silence was terribly awkward. Benjamin and, Brock’s fiancee, Suzel, had begged Brock to stay home, but it was in vain. He could not be persuaded. He felt in his blood that this is what his father would’ve wanted him to do. Brock had to honor that.
“Your highness?” Benjamin said so quietly that Brock almost hadn’t heard him.
“Yes Benjamin?”
“I want you to know that as much as I wish you wouldn’t leave, I am very proud of you and…and your father would be too. He would be, oh, so proud of you.”
Brock saw Benjamin wipe a tear from his eyes at the thought of Brock’s late parents. Brock smiled. Even when we was a child, he’d felt that Benjamin could read his mind and think of the perfect words to make everything better.

Chapter 2

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Search Party
Justin couldn’t move. His eyes were glued to the screen as the jet landed and a man and two women walked out. The scene played out in front of him, yet he couldn’t believe what was happening.
Where are the guards?

“Hey Sean! Do you know when Princess Dawn is due home?”
Sean Risley placed his bow down and looked at his friend, Laura Garbovsky. Laura had become like a sister to him, for he had taken care of her when her parents died.
Sean ran his fingers through his blonde hair and shook his head. “I don’t know an exact time. All I know is she has a party to go to after the fight. Why?”
“I’m just wondering. It’s getting late and I didn’t know if I should be worried.”
“Like I said, I don’t really know. You should talk to Sandra. She’s on duty right now and probably has a better idea.”
“Alright. Thanks Sean.” Laura tossed her dark hair out of her eyes and headed back toward the castle.
Sean picked up his bow and began shooting his hand-made targets again for extra practice.

For a minute, everything was quiet. Nobody moved. Nobody even blinked. Anthony kept his eyes on the strange man. Then, without warning, the two women leaped into the air and disappeared. Anthony looked up into the sky, but saw no sign of them. Then, from behind him, came two ear-splitting screams. Anthony wheeled around and saw the mysterious girls holding Jules and Dawn. He ran at the woman holding Jules, fists ablaze, and began to throw punches. The woman dodged, laughed, and then jumped into the air with Jules. The woman holding Dawn followed suit. Anthony and Kendryck charged at the man who had arrived with the women. He laughed again and the girls, along with the princesses, appeared at his side.
“Anthony!” Jules screamed, her terror sinking into his bones.
Dawn was struggling in vain against the woman who held her.
Then, the man, his assistants, and the princesses disappeared back into the ship and it took off before Anthony or Kendryck could reach it.
Anthony could still hear Jules’s scream for him ringing in his ears.

Justin hopped out of his chair as soon as the jet had taken off with the princesses onboard.
“So much for a day off,” he muttered to himself.
He ran into a long hallway and stopped in front of a locked closet. He entered the code and the big, metal doors opened. Justin pulled out the heavy armor and strapped it onto his body. Then, he pulled out a golden rod that had a blade on each end. Justin quickly relocked the closet and went back into the main room.
“Oh lovely and most powerful Janel, please help me bring order back to our world.”
Then he opened the front door and jumped into the clouds.

“Sean! Sean!”
Sean looked up from the place he was resting and saw Laura running to him. Her voice was full of panic. He quickly stood up and held out his arms. Laura flung herself into him. Sean moved his hand up and down her back soothingly.
“Laura, what’s the matter?”
“It’s the princess! She’s been captured!”
Laura’s dark blue eyes filled. “She and the princess from Gelsey were kidnapped at the arena!”
“Calm down Laura. What’s everyone doing?”
“At the castle?”
Sean nodded.
“They’re splitting people up. There are search parties and people who will stay to watch over the grounds. In fact, they’ll come looking for us anytime now.”
“Well they won’t find us,” Sean said, grabbing his bow, arrows, and quiver. He arranged everything comfortably, then grabbed Laura’s hand and began to walk away from the castle grounds.
“You’ll be fine Laura. I promise. Don’t worry. We’ll find her.”

“My Lord, this journey is very dangerous.”
“Hush Benjamin. All will be well. Besides, now is a good time to see if I remember my training.”
“But Sir…”
“Not another word. Please, just promise me one thing.”
“Anything Sir.”
“Tell Suzel I love her and will be home soon.”
“Yes. My Lord.”

Chapter 1

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“Are you ready yet?” Dawn asked.
“Almost,” Jules replied, brushing her hair one last time.
Dawn sighed and crossed her arms. Jules placed her small, gold crown on her head and turned to Dawn.
“Ok,” she said, smiling, “let’s go.”
Dawn nodded and the two princesses left the dressing room.

Anthony pulled on his T-shirt and grinned at his reflection in the mirror. “This will surely give Jules something to brag about.” Anthony ran his fingers through his long, blonde hair. “Ok,” he said to his reflection, “let’s go.”
He turned away from the mirror and walked out of his prep room. He stood in the long, dark hallway for a while then turned left and began to walk to the end of the corridor. When he reached the end, a tall man with small glasses bowed to him then shook his hand.
“Hello Sir Cerino. How are you feeling?”
“I’m good Malcom.”
“Are you nervous, Sir?”
“Not really. I’m pretty sure I’ll do good.”
“I’ll be cheering you on, Sir.”
“Thanks Malcom.”
Suddenly, the large door at the end of the hall began to lift. Anthony looked at Malcom. “This is it,” he said.
“Best of luck, Sir.”
“Thank you Malcom.” They shook hands again and Anthony walked out of the hall and onto the huge arena that awaited him.
On the other side of the arena, a tall man, with dark skin and a very confident look on his face walked on as well.
Next to the arena on the left, Princess Dawn and Princess Jules stood on a pedastool. Jules waved to Anthony and he grinned and waved back. On the right side of the arena, people sat in stands, watching and waiting with baited breath for the fight to start.
Once Anthony ans his opponent reached the middle of the arena, Princess Dawn clapped her hands loudly and everyone was silent.
“Welcome everyone!” dawn said. “I;m glad that you were all able to make it out here tonight. Here we will hold the twenty-fifth battle of the kingdoms!”
“From Kingdom Gelsey,” Jules said, and the people supporting Gelsey erupted into cheers, “we have Anthony Cerino!”
“And from Kingdom Wiona,” Dawn said and Wiona supporters cheered, “we have Kendryck Streh!”
Kendryck clapped his hands over his head and shook them. The crowd erupted again.
Dawn said, “Will the contestents please shake hands and we will begin.”
Anthony thrust out his hand and Kendryck grabbed it in his strong grasp.
“Ready,” Dawn shouted.
“Set,” Jules called.
“Go!” They said together.
Anthony quickly pulled his hand away from Kendryck and brought his other around, formed a fist and smacked Kendryck in the head.
Kendryck staggered slightly, but quickly got a hold of himself. He flipped in the air and landed behind Anthony, then swung his leg up and delivered a strong kick.
Anthony backed away from Kendryck and took a deep breath. He held out his hands so his palms were facing Kendryck and then shot fire from them. The flames were big and got to the spot where Kendryck was standing in the blink of an eye. The crowd gasped. Anthony dusted off his shirt and smiled. The flames died away, but the black smoke lingered over the arena.
“And the winner is,” Dawn began.
Suddenly, from out of the smoke, Kendryck leapt on Anthony’s back and knocked him to the ground.
“Kendryck Streh from Wiona!”
The crows was full of cheers and protests. Dawn and Jules clapped. Anthony groaned and lifted himself off the ground. Kendryck shook his hand and they both walked back toward the Princesses.

Justin pounded his fist on the table. “No way!” he shouted. “Gelsey won last year! Come on! I wonder how long Cerino’s known that move.” Justin sighed and continued to watch the battle between Anthony Cerino and Kendryck Streh from the screen in front of him.
When Kendryck defeated Anthony, Justin cheered for he had always favored Wiona. Justin was just about to turn on something else, when he noticed something glittering in the sky over the arena.
“Now what could that be?” he wondered aloud.

Just before Anthony and Kendryck reached the princesses, something caught Anthony’s eye. He squinted at the sky, trying to get a better look at what it was. A small, black object was flying toward the stadium. It glittered and twinkled in the sky like a daytime star. Jules looked in the same direction as Anthony, curious at what had stopped him. She too noticed the glittering something that was comming closer and closer.
“What is it?” Dawn asked.
“What is what?” asked Kendryck.
Anthony shook his head. Kendryck was a good fighter, but completely clueless.
Patiently, Dawn pointed out the flying object which was now very close. They could see it much more clearly. It was made of metal and resembled a jet plane.

Justin watched with curiosity as the jet-like object touched down on the arena. He leaned in closer to the screen. Eventually leaning so close, he fell out of his chair.

The door of the jet opened with the ear-splitting sound of metal scrapping against metal.
Anthony ran in front of Jules and Kendryck walked over to Dawn. Anthony smiled at Jules, who looked scared. Dawn, however, looked as ready to fight as Anthony felt.
A tall man and two pretty girl walked out of the jet. The man pointed at Anothnoy, who’s hands had quickly become fists, fire surrounding them.
“What do you want?” Anthony yelled at the man.
He smiled in a way that sent chills down Anthony’s spine. “Foolish mortal. What do you think I want?”
Anthony stepped closer to Jules as the man let out a loud and manical laugh.