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Beauty Behind The Beholder

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Poems

A bouncing companion

Free from his leash

Frozen in time

With a farewell note

Copied beneath

And an inky signature

To end it all


Paused in the moment

She picked up the only

Splash of color to be seen

Overwhelming the senses

With sweet sensation

Words of wisdom

Float beneath

In elegant script


In sync with their purpose

They stick together until fate

Tears them apart

Demanding them to uphold

The memories

We’re compelled to show off



They lay patiently

Hugging each other close

Unaware of

(Or perhaps without care for)

The little hitchiker

On one’s back


Rejected to the rear

Despite her multicolor appearance

Her sharp personality

Her stars no longer shine

She is disregarded

And soon forgotten


Silver links of life

Turn copper and start

To crumble away

From age



And pain


And soon enough

She’ll be pushed back

Further yet

When her hosts

Are summoned

And once the brief second

Of recogniton is over

She is thrown down

Once again

But this time

Without hope

To cling onto



Posted: December 6, 2010 in Poems

False hope triggers

Dishonest and painful memories

That keep you screaming

In the darkest of night

A knot forms in your stomach

Your misty eyes sting with tears

You feel like life is giving up on you

Until I take your hand in mine


Posted: November 9, 2010 in Poems

Standing in front of the mirror

I scowl at what I see

A short girl

Who’s much too fat

Her clothes are out of style

And she just looks plain bad

Her hair sticks out

In every direction

Her roots are starting to show

She just looks ridiculous

The make up she applied

Just like her friends did

Makes her look like a model

For an all clown’s circus

Her cheeks are too pink

Her skin isn’t flawless

Her lips are too small

Her voice is sounds too deep

She doesn’t have talent

Not even a little

So why does she bother

I still sit and wonder

    The mirror should shatter
    At the mere thought of her face

I sigh sadly

And go on with my day


Posted: November 9, 2010 in Poems

He lied to me
Each fabricated story
Pours out of his mouth
Like quick silver
While his hands hold mine
Trying to emphasize how genuine he is
But I know the truth
I know what was really said
What was really done

He lied to me
And every false word
Fires out of a gun
And strikes me in the chest
He doesn’t blink
His cold blue eyes
His small shriveling heart
Doesn’t skip a beat
He thinks he has everyone fooled
But smoke and mirror tricks
Don’t work on me

He lied to me
Each dead promise
Tattoos itself in my mind
Every prick of its inked needle
Is a reminder of why he can’t be trusted
And its creation will stay
Forever imprinted on my brain

He lied to me
And now I can’t trust
Those who try so hard
To get close
While they say they’re here forever
I can’t help but feel
That just like him
They’ll lie to me
And disappear into the air

Already over

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Poems

Blood gone icy
Heart pounding
The truth surrounds me
Screeching and pleading
“Let me out!”
I smother Truth’s cries
They won’t do any good
I shake in my seat
In trepidition

His eyes piercing me
He reads the lies
So cleverly fabricated
To convict our fearless leader
To save the true offender
I want to stand up
I want to speak out

But should I really risk myself
When the man in question
Is damned from every direction
This injustice threatens me
And pushes heroism
Out of my mind

I reach out for a pen
But it might as well
Have been a knife
I sign my name
But I might as well
Have stabbed him through
The heart

To Tear My World In Two

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Poems

The sound fills the night air
My body tenses
My heart feels as heavy as cement
As it plunges to my stomach
My turquoise eyes glimmer with tears
As fear overcomes and numbs me
This Halloween night
Is a Koontz masterpiece come true
This race between death and life
Has got my head spinning
The mighty wolf is near
And it won’t be long
Until he finds me

My favorite vanilla perfume
Is now like acid on my skin
Leading to my doom
For once he finds the scent
He’ll rush to me
This is my last night
And I know it’s true

Sitting on the riverbank
This is not where I pictured
My end to take place
I want to be in Sydney
I imagine the warm
Australlian air around me

But another SNAP!
Brings me back to the darkness
Where I sit upon a stone
Gazing at the silky cobalt river
Slowly flowing along
How tempting it is
To just dive in
Let the water consume me
But it’s freezing
And just one drop one my skin
Is like a thousand knives
Dancing across my body
I kick off my high heels
Tell myself to relax
I look at the sky
But it’s as black as my fate
Except for the pale marble moon
And occasional twinkling star
What I love to see
In royal blue
Is now a canvas
Covered in the ink
That drips off of God’s quill

I look to the left
And I know it’s time
To enter a world
Where there will never be flowers
Where self-image and humor
Never matter
I feel my heartbeat cease
And you are the last thing I see

I Bleed My Heart Out For You

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Poems

When no one else seems to care

You always happen to be right there

You listen as I cry all night

And just by being yourself

You give me life

And I try so hard

To return the favor

Try to be like a sister

Try to be there whenever

I lock up your secrets

With the key to my heart

And I offer a smile

Whenever you hurt

No words can explain

What your friendship means to me

No songs can decribe

How you’ve changed me

I owe you my life

Cause you’ve saved it so many times

From Puffle to Connor

This poem screams I love you